This series ‘Black & Touch’ stands for: majestic, strict and charming, built up by contrast and graceful movements. By using fine lines, the movement on the canvas and the color scheme of black and white, these works fit very well with the Japanese culture of music and dance.

With this series I want to tell a different story than my earlier works, where I only worked with bright and lively colors. With this series of paintings a story is told, as if it were a fascinating  Japanese dance, in which the combination of antipoles, light and dark, play the perfect role.

The attractiveness of these paintings lies in the ability that one color is exactly the opposite of the other color and thus also creates an opposite mood. These works therefore only consist of black and white and together ensure the perfect harmony. Because of the graceful shapes and movements that make the colors, they form a dynamic combination and become more than two contradictions. They complete each other as if it were a beautiful and unforgettable spectacle. Each painting has its own unique golden seal, this is a symbolic act to get the painting ‘finished’.