Dimon, is a Dutch visual artist born in Russia who lives and works in Amsterdam. He started drawing at the age of six and since early age developed affection to colours and symbols. In his works Dimon explores the art of abstraction through various experiments with bright saturated colours, volume and gloss.

‘In my creative process I like to explore the boundaries of form and light and use colours to connect each elements of my works. My practice is dedicated to the abstract beauty and the emotional impact it has on the viewer’, says Dimon in his interview to the Parool newspaper.

The artist became known for the original style of movement and volume in his works.

At one of his exhibits he allowed the viewer not only to have a visual contact with the images, but to give them a real touch. ‘MostĀ artists are against tactile contact with their works, on contrary I consider it a necessity for experiencing the art and getting the full appreciation of it.’